This is an exciting and important year for the Hispanic Faculty and Staff Caucus and we are already busy embarking on many new and important opportunities to advance our common mission: ensuring an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of the community.

Graduation Stoles

 Graduation Stole Nomination Information

The submission process is currently open for Spring 2021 nominations (March 1 – April 26, 2021).

The nomination process is now electronic and should be completed online. Information about the stole award, and a link to the form, is available by clicking on the following link:
Graduation & Leadership Stole Nomination Form

If you know a student or students who are graduating in May 2021 please take the time to nominate them for a stole. This is a great way to recognize our graduating students. This applies to students graduating from any of our community colleges or obtaining their Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degrees from NMSU. We are also requesting that nominators help defray the cost of the stole, if possible.  Stoles cost $25 each.


  • For paid members of the HFSC (the dues cycle follows the fiscal year July 1- June 30) the cost to nominate a student for a HFSC stole is $25 per stole.
  • NMSU Faculty/Staff who are not paid members of the HFSC can nominate a student at the rate of $40 per stole..
  • Students whose stole nomination has been approved by the HFSC Stole Committee, will not be notified until the nominator has paid for the stole nomination.”

Membership Dues

Dues are $30 a year for NMSU faculty and staff; $20 per year for DACC faculty and staff, and $5 per year for graduate students.

To join the Caucus, pay your dues online:

or take your check to Chicano Programs, Room 138, Garcia Annex. Make the check out to “Hispanic Faculty/Staff Caucus”.


Please don’t forget that we all need your financial support for our Diversity and Leadership Stoles and HFSC Scholarships. ¡Gracias!